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Download our latest Propfund Germany investment brochure



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For over 14 years, our group has achieved a high reputation for excellent services within the real estate industry in Berlin.

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Propfund Germany

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A City of Tenants, Propfund Germany
Property Investment, Property for Sale

PropFund Germany, Share in Germany's No.1 Residential Property Portfolio

A City of Tenants, 84% of all properties in Berlin are rented

A very different residential market to the UK

Unlike the British, the German population are not infatuated with home ownership; in fact Germany has the highest proportion of rented property in Europe averaging 57.4%, in Berlin this leaps to an average of 84%, nearly three times the average in the UK. Furthermore the German market is characterised by long rental terms of typically 10-15 years compared with less than 3 years in the UK.

Berlin is currently seeing a net increase of residents with many governmental and large corporations relocating staff there from other German cities; this influx is driving rental demand and rents upwards.

Propfund Germany, Property Funds - Property Investment - Property for Sale

Rental Yields are Rising

Berlin is one of the fastest growing capital cities in Europe, however it still has one of the lowest prices for rental, averaging @5.71 per square metre.

Already attracting substantial inward investment, the rents in Berlin are widely expected to increase significantly over the next 10 years. Bringing Berlin more in line with the rest of Germany, this alignment in the market signifies a real buying opportunity with strong fundamentals supporting the rise in rental yields.

Property Ownership and Valuation

Much of Germany's rented property is owned in portfolios by large institutional investors and pension funds and as such it rarely comes onto the open market for sale. However, Propfund is able to acquire these off-market portfolios from these institutions at below market value through the long standing relationships they have established in this sector.

The method of valuing a property in Germany is dictated by a multiple of the rental yield. This compares favourably to the British marketplace, where demand for a property very much dictates the valuation. By purchasing portfolios of properties, Propfund Germany are able to negotiate and acquire these properties at a much lower price than if they were buying individual properties, creating buying-power and value for its investors.

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Disclaimer: This information serves only as an announcement of the closed property fund Propfund Germany limited company and is NOT a public offer according to German law, § 9 (VerkProspG) for a sales prospectus. This document has been produced from known data and information and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any decision to invest should be made only after careful consideration of the investment prospectus which was published on the 4th of December 2008.

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IPP Global, Property Investment, Property for Sale
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