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Download our latest Propfund Germany investment brochure

Download our latest Propfund Germany investment brochure



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For over 14 years, our group has achieved a high reputation for excellent services within the real estate industry in Berlin.

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Propfund Germany

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Fund Strategy, Propfund Germany
Property Investment, Property for Sale

PropFund Germany, Share in Germany's No.1 Residential Property Portfolio

Fund Strategy

The already successful strategy is based upon acquiring off-market small to medium sized residential portfolios of, on average, 30 properties in one building. Propfund Germany is governed by strict acquisition criteria, each portfolio has to be approved by more than 50% of the investors before it can be acquired.

The properties that are acquired are always of high build quality with no renovation requirements. Before a portfolio can be presented to investors that portfolio must deliver rental yields of above 8% and the occupancy has to be a minimum of 80%. Properties are valued as a multiple of the annual rental yield, typically on the open market an investor would purchase a similar individual property for more than 16 times the rental yield, Propfund Germany only acquires property if the price is below 12.5 times the rental yield. This strategy ensures strong rental performance from the outset and in-built discount of at least 30% for its investors.

Propfund Germany, Property Funds - Property Investment - Property for Sale

Propfund Germany are raising approximately €10,000,000 from investors with a further €20,000,000 borrowed from a German bank on pre-approved and fixed terms. The interest rate of the mortgage is fixed, meaning there is no fluctuation throughout the term of the investment, and capital repayments will be made throughout that term reducing the overall borrowing. At no point will investors will be liable for this mortgage debt as these loans are on a 'non-recourse' basis to investors.

Propfund Germany will manage the property portfolios for a period of 10 years, focusing on increasing the rental income and value of the portfolios. Upon reaching the 10 year exit point the intention of the fund is to sell all the properties either individually or as small portfolios, pay off the balance of the mortgage loans and distribute the profits between the investors. Propfund Germany shares in the profits at the end of the term and so are fully aligned with investor interests.

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Disclaimer: This information serves only as an announcement of the closed property fund Propfund Germany limited company and is NOT a public offer according to German law, § 9 (VerkProspG) for a sales prospectus. This document has been produced from known data and information and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any decision to invest should be made only after careful consideration of the investment prospectus which was published on the 4th of December 2008.

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IPP Global, Property Investment, Property for Sale
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