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About Budapest
Property Investment Budapest, Property for Sale

General Facts about Budapest

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary with a population of 1,886,000, but also Hungary´s biggest city and 19% of the Hungarian population lives in this city. Budapest has a total area of about 525 sq. km. Two thirds of this area is found at the left side of the River Danube, called Pest, and the other third is found at the right side of the river and it is called Buda. Budapest is located on the north of Húngary and it is divided into 23 city districts. Budapest is an ideal city for international students who spend an average of 5 years in this city under rental accommodation. The combination between the low cost of living and the posibility of studing English in this city attracts many new students every year. Check out our facts about investing in Budapest here.

Education & economic facts:

  • Universities: 19
  • Students/year: 100,000 (more than double 10 years ago)

Public transport:

  • Public roads: 4,270 km
  • No. Vehicles: 600,000
  • Internatinoal Train Stations: 3


If you are travelling there to find your worthwhile property for sale in Budapest, you have to know which airlines are operating between your city and Budapest. The following list shows you which airlines are operating between your home city and Budapest.


Name of airport

Name of airline



Air Europa
Malev-Hungarian Airlines







The City of Waters and Balnearies

Budapest is the only capital in the world where balnearies and medicinal waters are found. Originally, the Romans established this tradition and then, between 1541 and 1686, the Turks established more spa many and baths. During the 20th century, Budapest had turned into the famous one take care spa that it was acting as tourist magnet. In 1934, Budapest gained officially the title of “ take care spa ”.

The most famous baths are the Dagaly, spa Gellért, spa Király, spa and swimming pool Lukács, Rues and the Széchenyi, apart from the big quantity of other medicinal baths.

Budapest Landmarks

The Hungarian capital, which previously was known as " Paris of the East Europe " is a simply unforgettable place with countless monuments and historical places. There are several such places of interest as the basilica of San Esteban, the church of San Matías, the Parliament of Budapest, the real castle of Buddha and the museum of fine arts. As soon as you come to visit Budapest your property investment, it is simply essential to visit all the following monuments:

The Bridge of the Chains of Budapest joins two parts of the city and it is the symbol of the city. This bridge is the the most ancient and more known nine bridges on the Danube.

Basilica of Saint Stephen next to the Parliament of Budapest, San Stephen´s Basilica is one of the highest buildings of Budapest, with approximately 96 meters. This Basilica is the biggest religious building of the country, with a capacity for more than 8.000 persons.

The church of Saint Mathew is the church most known about the Hungarian capital. Buddha of the city is in the part.

The Parliament of Budapest, which was constructed between 1885 and 1902, is one of the most interesting monuments of Budapest.

The real Castle of Buddha, who is in the same district of the castle, is the biggest building of Hungary and probably the most famous building of the Hungarian capital.

The Museum of Fine Arts is in the famous Square of the Heroes just opposite the Palace of Art.

Heroes Square is in the district Pest, next to the railway station of this one. This square marks the beginning of the famous one agreed Andrássy út and it is the door
of the forest of the city. To the left and right hand of this square there are several museums of art.


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