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Budapest Property Management
Property Investment Budapest, Property for Sale

Our team of experienced Property Managers will save you time and mo ney, so you can enjoy the benefits of your property investment.

There are many elements involved with managing a given property. These can relate to rental collection, maintenance, paying bills, dealing with third parties such as condominium companies and utility providers, dealing with a tenant with their varying indvidual circumstances, keeping the owner informed and so on. As an owner what is important to you is that your affairs are being handled, your apartment cared for and your rent collected and paid.

For a property management company to do this effectively, it not only requires a significant amount of staff with the right work ethic, but also the most well developed systems, procedures and IT capabilities. We employ 35 staff and invest heavily in our IT systems and reporting tools to ensure the smoothest and most transparent management of your property.

Property Management Department

Our team in Budapest is made up of 40 multi-lingual staff, each of them expert in either property investment, property management, lettings, renovations, furnishing or accounting. So, if you are considering investing in the Budapest property market and you want a company to provide a high quality property management service, look no further, contact us today.

Chris Follenus

Chris Follenus
Business Development

Chris Follenus

Róbert Lángos Property Management

Chris Follenus

Brigitta Nagy
Landlord Account Manager

Chris Follenus

Márton LAczkó
Landlord Account Manager

Chris Follenus

Bálint Makki
Landlord Account Manager

Management Services

  • Rental collection
  • Tenant liaison
  • Pro-active tenant management
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs of apartments
  • Tri-monthly property inspections with inspection reports
  • Insurance administration
  • Rent review strategies
  • Condominium charge administration
  • Utility payment administration
  • Attenda nce and representation at condominium meetings
  • Key and document storage and security
  • Pro-active communication to owner through
  • La ndlord Account Manager
  • Owner online access to property accounts

All-inclusive Rental

In Budapest it is not uncommon for tenants to vacate apartments with large utility bills. Collecting utility bills from individual tenants can be cumbersome. Our partner company in Budapest signs with its tenants an ‘all inclusive’ rental contract. This requires tenants to pay utility bills and also condominium charges in advance along with the rent. This reduces the risk that a tenant will vacate the apartment leaving outstanding bills.

UtilitEase Calculator

The bills are estimated using average consumption levels for the apartment type, building type, area etc. To estimate the utility consumption, Our partner company in Budapest has developed a software programme called UtilitEase. If the tenant consumes more than the amount stated in the contract, then the amount is deducted from his security deposit during the ‘move-out’ procedure.

RentPay System

If you own your apartment as a buy-to-let investment, then surely what’s of utmost importance to you is receiving your rent on time and that your accounts are in order. Our partner company in Budapest has invested over €100,000 in accounting software over the last two years including the development of RentPay. This is a system that ensures clear and effective management of your accounts and rental transfers in Budapest. RentPay effectively gives you a ‘bank account’ at our companywhere you can see your rent coming in from the tenant and leaving our company to your bank account of choice. The system will also deduct any charges such as management costs or condominium costs if your apartment is vacant. All information is presented in account statements online. We launch transfers to owners by the 15th of each month.

Landlord Account Managers

On joining our partner company in Budapest, for your property management a Landlord Account Manager is appointed to manage our client’s account. The account manager’s role is to handle all important affairs relating to the apartment such as tenant management, rent collection, dealings with the condominium company, overseeing maintenance etc. There are also Assistant Managers on board to assist the account manager in regular apartment inspections and moving tenants in and out. The assistants save our account managers time by doing the legwork around the city, so the account managers can focus on the overall management of your property and account. Another important aspect of the account management role is pro-active communication of important information to owners by phone and e-mail. This means that our landlords are always informed if something important is to be communicated.


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IPP Global, Property Investment, Property for Sale
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